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Start of a New Blog-house for the Kids

Hello Everyone, 🙂

This is Mummy and Daddy of three Mini Schnauzers Living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We decided to migrate our previous blog at cookiepepper.blogspot.com to this new wordpress site because we have a new addition to the house, Jessie earlier this year.

Therefore, to reflect the latest addition to the house, we have decided to come up with the blog’s name of CoOPeRJesS, as in CoO for Cookie, the Prince, PeR for Pepper, the Princess and JesS for Jessie, the Rascal.

As we are new to WordPress, please bear with us for any irregularities with the blog as we are still familiarizing ourselves with it. I bet the kiddos will be nagging us to perfect their blog, or space for their incessant need for barking out and sniffing out to the world. Also, they have been constantly pestering us to help them post up more entries, urghh… with the busy schedule and all, we are trying our utter best effort.

Mummy and Daddy promises to make their blog as per their wish. Love you kiddos very much!

Daddy’s always out of town, so please be nice to Mummy always, if not, Daddy’s gonna stop giving you kiddos treats.