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Updates about us…

It has been long since we last update our blog. We have been traveled a lot recently. We visited to many places and we travel back to The-Lady-Owner’s hometown very often. That’s why we have lack of time to update our blog.

We have attended a pool party at Rosie‘s house. It was organized by Rosie’s owner, Mr. Patrick. It was very kind of him to prepare food for both human and doggie.

This is the pool at Rosie’s house.

(Photo extracted from Rosie’s blog)

When we were on the way going to Rosie’s house, The-Lady-Owner took the wrong turning and we got lost at somewhere we are not familiar with. We ended up had to call Rosie’s owner, Patrick for help and he has to “escort” us to his house. Thank you Patrick.

Photo extracted from Rosie’s blog

When we arrived at Rosie’s house, most of the doggie had left the party (we were really late).
However, we managed to meet with Rosie, a beautiful Cocker Spaniel. Please meet Rosie.

Rosie (Photo extracted from Rosie’s blog)

We met our friend, Scottie at the party as well. Cookie & Scottie attended the same Obedient Training class under the same trainer.

Scottie (Photo extracted from Rosie’s blog )

Cookie: This is me, all drenched after the swimming.

Cookie Monsta (Photo extracted from Rosie’s blog)

Pepper (with red collar) and others doggie friends.

Pepper Bebe (Photo extracted from Rosie’s blog)

Too bad we don’t have Jessie picture. Jessie was crying when The-Lady-Owner thrown her into the pool.

The present, Ketch-It and Catch-A-Bubble were belated birthday present for Cookie & Pepper from Rosie and her owner, Patrick. Thank you, we love these toy very much especially the Ketch-It.


The-Lady Owner bought us new toys.
The New Mr. Plastic Bone for Jessie to replace the old one.

Jessie: I am loving it~! (chew chew chew)

Squeaky Hotdog for Jessie as well.

Jessie: erm…I still prefer Mr. New Plastic Bone.

Flying rope for 3 of us! Too bad The-Lady Owner complain that we do not know how to appreciate this toy as we tend to ignore it when it fly toward us.

Other than the toys, The-Lady-Owner has bought us a new “gadget”, the smart-invention-drinking water bowl from Yogi Pet. This drinking bowl was imported directly from Korea. This drinking water bowl is specially designed to keep our muzzle dry while drinking. YooHooo~~!! Interested to get one? You can contact our Owner.


Pink Roses from Santa

We received Pink Roses from Santa! We, Cookie + Pepper + Jessie would like to thank you for the Roses. (Cookie has present the Roses to both Pepper and Jessie.)

Pink Roses are given to all friends out there, bringing them a sweet and fruitful day. Those who receive this roses as a gift, you need to pass it on to 10 friends of yours to show them you care. And of course, for those who received the roses, that’s to show that, you’re never been forgotten.

We do not know who should we pass the Roses to as most of our friends already received the Roses from friends. We will leave the Roses at our blog, whoever loves Rose please feel free to copy from here and paste it to your blog and remember to copy a link back to us.