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Hi, Jessie reporting

Am I cute? warf warf!(*high pitched bark*) I had a new hair cut. Will post up later…… 🙂

Before this, please allow me to show you some of my old pictures.

This was taken when I was still with my previous owner. Can you recognize me?

This was when I first came to stay with Mummy and Daddy. Shaggy furball look.

Tried to act cute but failed…warf! I look so grumpy…GrrrRRrR

Later I become like this, the lioness look, which turned out to be more of a baboon look, Oo Oo Aa Aa (*monkey sound*)

Stay tuned to check out my Brand New Look! in the next post!


Jessie the Rascal


Pepper New Look – Botak Head.

I had my new hair cut yesterday.
It was done by a non-professional-home-groomer, who accidentally cut me at my ear and tummy.

My bare-back look.

Do you like it? Ms Rachel think I look gorgeous with the new hair cut.