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Home Alone

Home Alone!
Mum Mum is not around, no picture for today post.
Mum Mum have a business trip today and she will be away for a few days :`(. She left us behind and flew to Singapore alone without us. She told us Uncle Nick & Aunt Hui Ling will come over to take care of us and perhap the two naughty Popeye and Livia will come over too.

Mum Mum going to spend the weekend in Singapore and Johor with Daddy when she’s done with business. She will only come back on Sunday night… We are going miss her terribly.

Anyway, she promised she will bring us presents from her trip 🙂 wink~! Paws crossed.

We miss you Mum, and when are you coming back daddy?

Love you always,
Cookie Boy Boy
Pepper Bebe
Jessie the Queen.


Cookie’s Bath Time!!

After days of being ignored by ladies (they said I was smelly), I asked Mummy and Daddy to give me a nice hot bath so that I can charm the ladies again *wink*

The Casanova in the making..
The Casanova in the making……
WOW! Who’s that handsome boy?!?!
Ohhh, It’s Me!! Cookie!! The Ladies’ Man…
Hubba, Hubba, Ladies….need some loving from the Casanova?
Check out my side profile! Oh so handsome!!
You want these lips ladies?? Come to Papa!
Check out my muscles!
Charming eyes….

Now now, ladies, time for some loving, come on over now…..*wink*;)