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When I was a boy…(to the tune of Beyonce-If I were a boy)

Hi everyone, two years ago, daddy fell in love with me and convinced mummy to bring me home. Now who wouldn’t fall in love with me, I was such a cute puppy, just look at the pictures below, hehe. I stayed at daddy’s apartment at the beginning, and after a few months when I was bigger, I moved to mummy’s place where there’s more room for me to run around and I get to pee and poo on the grass instead of the cold hard floor, hehe.

Ohhhh I was sooooo cute….
Here’s Uncle Nick giving my hair a blow dry.

I feel like a super flying dog here, hehe

Here’s Aunty Hui Ling helping me fly…..weeeeee
Weeee…up up and away…..
I used to be so small, daddy could carry me with 1 hand, now daddy say I’m so heavy to carry but I still love to be carried around. I make daddy and mummy carry me up to bed every night! hehe and I make them tuck me into bed every night.
Me and my sleepy face…hehe bye bye, good night…

Blood in Stool

When you forgot to deworm me in every 4 month, this was what came out from my “behind”.

The lesson : Please remember to deworm Pepper & me at least every 4 month.

Valentine Flower

Valentine had past, for about 2 weeks. For us dog, we don’t celebrate Valentine. However, Human did. The-Lady-Owner got her Valentine Flower on that day.

This is – ROSE .

She received only one bud of Rose. One bud of Rose is enough to buy her heart for 365 days. I love her, because she allow me to sleep on her bed, for almost everynight.** For that reason, I wanted to show her my LOVE as well. Since I have no access to Human Florist, what I can do is to take what we have at home. I found her Valentine Rose on the dining table.

I tore it into pieces and nicely arranged it on the floor to create flower carpet.
Romantic Flower…..Floor. Too bad she got only one (1) bud of Rose or else I can make a Rose Carpet.
I waited for her to come home and be surprised.

When she finally back home, she was indeed very surprised. I was waiting excitedly for her to praise me…. abundantly with lotsa treats and MilkBall.

UNFORTUNATELY, she is not the Romantic type. She don’t appreciate AT ALL.
A Slab on my butt was my reward. WooFffffff!

** You might want to ask what I did to make her allow me on bed. Simple! I leave my pee mark on her bed whenever she throw me down the floor.

I did it again!!

(Britney Spear song in the background “~~ Oops! I did it again~~”)

I told you I am going to do it again and I did it last night.
I SLEPT on The-Lady-Owner’s comfy bed.

At exactly 5:55am, when The-Lady-Owner open her eyes, she found a furry-ball slept beside her. That was me!! Cookie the Monsta.

I am the sleeping handsome dog. I imitate how The-Lady-Owner sleep – Head on the pillow and cover with duvet.

Ooohhh~! I am cold, who pull away my warm duvet??!!!!

p/s: this picture was taken a second before The-Lady-Owner throw me down the bed.

Comfy Pillow and A Good Sleep

I love sleeping on The-Lady-Owner’s bed especially the soft soft comfy pillow.
The picture speaks for itself. I was deep in my sweet dream when The-Lady-Owner woke up in the middle of the night and took out her lousy LG phone to snap this picture of me snoring beside her. I was indeed very deep in my sleep, the flash light did not even do me any disturb.

Tonight I am going to sleep on that soft soft comfy pillow again. I should wait till The-Lady-Owner fall asleep and hide her Lousy LG phone so she won’t be able to snap my snoring picture.

Sweet Dream everyone and Good Night.

p/s: She threw me down on the icy cold floor out of her comfy bed after snapped these 2 pictures. How cruel she was.