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We Miss You Too…


Jessie a.k.a Jazzy Blues

Jessie a.k.a Jazzy got something to say…

I am Jessie, Jazzy Blues is the name registered under my birth certificate. You can call me Jessie and Jazzy which I think is not much different in pronunciation.
I have checked the meaning of Jazzy in dictionary, it means showy, bright and colorful~! oh~ colorful?? I am salt and pepper in color!

I would like to show some picture of ME~! Jazzy Blues.

This photo was taken during our trip to Cherating. It’s a Cool place. I get to run free and swim and rolled on the sand.

laaa Laaa Laaa~!! Taking my evening stroll before jumping into the sea. Warm up first.

This is my side view. Do I look fluffy? My boyfriend, Cookie stand beside me.

Wet look. I am actually very slim, 5.2kg only.