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Honest WeBlog Award

We have been given our very first blog award by Santa. Thank you Santa, it is an honour.

When accepting this award, we must write a post bragging about it. We are supposed to share with you 10 honest things about us.

A HAH…. 10 honest things for each of us, which mean we will have to come out with 30 honest things……

Firstly, we would like to start with Cookie then Pepper and Jessie.

@Cookie : 10 honest things to declare.

  1. I love food. Every dog loves to eat and I eat to survive. I have to fill my stomach whenever food is available because I do not know when my next meal time will be. (The-Lady-Owner: you are not living in the wild, I feed you everyday) I respond very well to the word “you want???“, which means “food!!!!“.
  2. I love jungle trekking. I go jungle trekking with Pepper almost every Saturday morning. I need to exercise to build my muscles so I will look good in front of pretty bitches. Besides that, I am also allowed to leave the perfume of my machoness (pee) everywhere and anywhere. YooHOoo~~!!
  3. I love car rides. Well, the only way I can travel and see a lot of interesting things without having to use my own feet is car rides. When I feel bored half way the journey, I can always chill out at the back of the car (sleep).
  4. I love wrestling with Jessie. Sometimes, dogs have dog’s way of playing. Humans cannot understand why we love to wrestling. Anyway, we enjoy it very much. (The-Lady-Owner: Wrestling means jumping up and down the sofas and chasing each other at ridiculous speed and bumping into any obstacles blocking their way around the house and the same time creating a mess in the house!)
  5. I love tug-a-wall. I play it with The-Lady-Owner and Jessie and at the same time I will growl to intimidate the other.
  6. I am a hunter. This is a born-with natural instinct of mine. We, miniature schnauzers are bred to hunt vermin. I hunts cockroaches, lizards and ants and anything that moves.
  7. I am afraid of rolled-up newspapers. It appears either when I have marked my territory on the furniture or when I help to clean up the garbage. However, I’m smart enough to run and hide before the rolled-up newspaper reaches my butt.
  8. I love barking. I bark at strangers and the dog opposite my den who always come to provoke me.
  9. I hate swimming. However, I don’t mind it during bathing and grooming. However,that doesn’t mean that I like to swim. I don’t like to get my body wet especially my snout.
  10. Lastly, I am a mama’s boy. hehe. Okay…, stop laughing!As I have received the Honest Weblog award from Santa, I have to be honest. I love to sleep next to The-Lady-Owner and I also love tummy rubs. The-Lady-Owner has to carry me upstairs to my sleeping pillow every night or else I’ll pout and sulk

@Pepper : 10 honest things to declare.

  1. I am Princess. I think I am. I am elegant, neat, quiet, unique and have the style of a Princess. I watched Princess Diary too.
  2. I love belly rubs. Although The-Lady-Owner says that it is very rude for a princess to spread my legs wide open a.k.a “kang kang”, but I like it when she rubs my belly.
  3. I am afraid of thunders. The flash from the sky is always followed by a deafening thunder. My body shivers uncontrollably whenever I hear thunders. I am worried whether the thunder will strike me or not.
  4. I enjoy Jungle Trekking. I am allowed to run freely without leash on my neck in the jungle. I am allowed to explore the world in the wild and sometimes I find interesting beings on the ground in the jungle. I love the scent of the jungle. It brings the meaning of freedom to me.
  5. I Love The-Lady-Owner’s cuddle. I am a cuddly-teddy-princess dog. Basically, I do not mind if with anyone carries and cuddles me.
  6. I hate CATS to the MAX. The hatred towards cat has been pass down to me from my ancestors in my bloodline. I couldn’t help but bark and chase after them whenever I spot their existence.
  7. I love Chicken Wing and Drumstick. To those who never tasted a REAL chicken, ask your owner to feed you once and you will be addicted forever.
  8. I love to lie on the couch and lick my paws. This is strictly prohibited in the house but I will always do it when The-Lady-Owner is not aware.
  9. I am a potential agility champion. I can jump pretty high and I listen to commands very well. The-Lady-Owner has the intention to enroll me in one of this training. YiiiiPeeee!
  10. I am a good swimmer. Although I hate to swim, I can actually swim very fast and very far.

@ Jessie : 10 things to declare.

  1. I love wrestling with Cookie. I may be smaller in size but I proved that I am stronger in comparison to my smaller size, and my stamina is much better than Cookie’s. (Cookie: She’s lying!!)
  2. I mark territory too. (Hush Hush~! Don’t let The-Lady-Owner hear this, else she will beat my butt again.) It was me who pee-ed on The-Lady-Owner’s mattress because I smelled Cookie’s pee on it. It was also me who peed on Pepper’s Big-Pillow-Bed, the bed should have been mine. I peed on the sofa too, twice on different sofas. I did that to avoid the limitted territory being monopolized by Cookie.
  3. Mr. Plastic-Bone is my favourite chew toy. I have lots of soft toy like Mr. & Mrs Rebenna, Mr. Pooh and Mr. Snoopy. However, their texture are not that delicous and they are too fluffy. Mr. Plastic-Bone provides me with the hardness that is just suitable for my teeth. I LOVE YOU, Mr. Plastic-Bone! (it was previously owned by Cookie)
  4. I lick, excessively. Dogs love licking, this is a born-with habit. When I lick you means I like you. Please accept it, and love me and give me more attention.
  5. I Love Jungle Trekking too. I have been to the jungle once and I “fell in love” with the jungle. However, I realised I will not have many chances to go there because The-Lady-Owner said she cannot handle 3 dos alone.
  6. I miss my previous owner. 😦 I miss him when I first came to this house and I still miss him. I have countless sleepless nights.
  7. I wish to visit my previous owner again. I understand he has his own problem to deal with and I understand why he cannot take care of me. I am happy staying with Cookie, Pepper and The-Lady-Owner. However, I wish I can meet him again in the future.
  8. I sleep on The-Lady-Owner’s bed. I peed there and it is officially my bed. I am a generous schnauzer, I share my bed with The-Lady-Owner.
  9. I love to irritate Pepper. She thinks she is a Princess, AHA! the funniest Joke in this den. She is just a pretender who pretends to be a Princess. So, I purposely disturb her, kick her, lick her, bite her, growl at her, I do all these things to irritate her.
  10. I dug the garbage bin. It was me who started the act of digging the garbage bin in the kitchen. Cookie was my partner-in-crime and the Pretender Princess also actually did join in the fun but she knew how to “clean” up herself and make herself “CLEAN” leaving no trail in the crime scene. Therefore, Cookie & I received the consequences — rolled-up newspapers on our butt.