Jessie 4th Birthday

Jessie 4th Birthday, on 27 September.

We did not have grand celebration but I bought a slice of Durian cheese cake and Vanilla cupcakes for them.

Jessie’s Birthday Gift, a bouncing ball handmade by me and she love it. See her expression, the moment I throw out the Ball, she will go after it, Catch!

And, she got it.

Jessie, Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for bringing joys to our home.

Mum: Jessie, make a wish!

Jessie (wishing in silent): I wish I don’t have to share my Durian Cheese cake with Cookie and Pepper.

Jessie: Mum, only Vanilla cup cake?

You love Durian cheese, aren’t you Jessie.

Jessie: Mum, Please give me ALL!! Yummy Yummy (lick lick)

She love Durian. I did not give the whole slice of Durian Cheese to her, each of them get to share a small piece. The Durian cheese is indeed taste so good, it made out of real durian and no sugar added according to the waitress in La Manila.


One response to “Jessie 4th Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to Jessie! Her looks said it all…she really love her cake!!

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