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Jessie 4th Birthday

Jessie 4th Birthday, on 27 September.

We did not have grand celebration but I bought a slice of Durian cheese cake and Vanilla cupcakes for them.

Jessie’s Birthday Gift, a bouncing ball handmade by me and she love it. See her expression, the moment I throw out the Ball, she will go after it, Catch!

And, she got it.

Jessie, Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for bringing joys to our home.

Mum: Jessie, make a wish!

Jessie (wishing in silent): I wish I don’t have to share my Durian Cheese cake with Cookie and Pepper.

Jessie: Mum, only Vanilla cup cake?

You love Durian cheese, aren’t you Jessie.

Jessie: Mum, Please give me ALL!! Yummy Yummy (lick lick)

She love Durian. I did not give the whole slice of Durian Cheese to her, each of them get to share a small piece. The Durian cheese is indeed taste so good, it made out of real durian and no sugar added according to the waitress in La Manila.