To the Park

We know we have not update our blog for long. Our mum said she is no good in writing and do not write interesting post. Hence, we have decided we will let our pictures do the talking.

We went to the park on one fine morning.  Here are the pictures.

Scenery in the park.

That is me, Jessie. I am tired and exhausted after walking round the park. I need some power rest.

Cookie (left), Jessie (right) : We cute?

Cookie (right), Popeye (Center), Jessie (left). Popeye is our friend but Jessie don’t really fancy him. Why? He is a stalker.

Jessie: Better keep some distance, Popeye boy, stop harass me! My Body guard is here.

Cookie: Don’t worry, I will keep an eye on him.

Popeye: I am Popeye, no one can run away from me!

Cookie: Oh Where is our Princess?  Pepper,  Where are you……………?

Pepper: I am here, with mum..

Cookie: Mum I want hug hug too.

Mum: Oh boy, it is getting hot, we shall make a move. Let’s go.

Mum: Boy, where are you going?

Cookie: Hush, don’t tell mum I am hiding here. I am not going, I still have not enough walkie walkie.


2 responses to “To the Park

  1. Yay! So happy to see some pictures of all of you. You are all so beautiful and you all have different “cuts”. Is that so that you have your own identification? That park looks great. We have not been there and we would love to. See if we will bump into each other one day. By the way, what is Popeye?

    • Hi Santa,

      We are happy too when mum & dad have time to bring us there. Thank you for your compliment.
      Most people confuse between Cookie & Jessie due to our fur color. Mum decided that Jessie should keep her ear’s fur long and cookie with bold ear. Beside, Cookie have hairy tail but Jessie not and Cookie has long schnauzer cut eyes brow. Pepper is just normal schnauzer cut.

      Oh ya, we forgot to introduce Popeye. Popeye is a maltese, Jessie’s fan. He is belongs to our mum’s friend.

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