We have not abandoned our blog yet, and we have something to Share…

We have not updated our blog since ages ago but we are not planning to abandon it. Our Mum & Dad should have help us to blog but they are too lazy. Human always have lots of excuses and we dogs always have no say.

Anyway, we came across an article at this blog – http://petdiatriclab.blogspot.com, and we think we should share it at here with all our readers.

All responsible dog owner should read, and share this article with your friend who have dogs or plan to have one.

Be a responsible dog owner.

Enjoy your reading

CooPerJess, The Schnauzers



I moved into the neighborhood sometime 4 years ago. The time was so peaceful with lots of my neighbor at the start of their family, early 30’s and children at 2-3 years old. Along the years, the population in my housing area starts to grow. Having a dog as a pet was a rare site, as the only family that has a dog are from the matured family, where there are more than 2 families in one household.

Today, dogs can be found almost at every street in my neighborhood. It ranges from pure breed to mix mongrel. One the most popular dog breed that you can find are mongrel, while the next popular are made of pure breed, the retriever. Most people love retriever as they are men’s best friend, tame and obedient.

Unfortunately the mindsets of these owners are not as pure as their pure breed. I believe that they may buy the best shampoo, best dog food and most of all care for them. I can see these owners bringing their dogs for a morning and evening walk around the neighborhood. The worst case happens when these owners bring their dog for a convenience at the neighborhood street, in front of others house, and worst still the playground. One poo a day at the playground, it will be 365 poos a year, times with the frequency of twice daily, that will be 730 poos from a dog. Multiply with the number of these nonsense owners, we shall have a pooground rather than a playground.

What are you / they thinking? The playground is not your public toilet! My house is not your public toilet. If you do not want your dog to poo in your house, so do I. What makes you think that the rest of the neighborhood would like to have your dog poo at their house? OMG. Maybe you are thinking that these poo are some sort of fertilizer to the park trees and grass, well, I don’t think we need it at the park ,and we really appreciate your contribution, but maybe you can take all these back home and put it in your flower pot, in the your living room, better still.
Taking a piece of newspaper to pick up the mess is not a tough job. Doing it anywhere your dog like shows how idiotic and irresponsible you are. It is not fair for those who does not have a dog, and for those that plans to have one. You are really showing a bad example to the dog industry, and to the neighborhood. You are building a poo mountain at the poo ground. OMG.

It is our responsibility, and hopefully you can think for a while, what will happen to the poo after your dog left it there? Some angel from the sky call ‘poo collector angel’ will come and pick it up for you and throw it to the rubbish? If there is one, I think the angel will throw it to your house than the rubbish. OMG again.

One scenario that I can’t take is the rich and well off neighbors. They are driving big bikes, big cars, Mercedes Benz, but they sneakily release their dogs to the playground to construct a poo ground only on weekend. And pretend that no one will notice. Your dogs are contributing 52 piece of poo a year !!

I may sound so sarcastic, I have a dog, I carry and pick my dog’s mess, I am writing to promote proper hygiene, proper control of dog’s mess bring better hygiene for our children, society and neighborhood. Be fair to those who can’t have dogs, who love playing at the playground. Please don’t turn their rights to be your dog’s pooground. I hope this message are received by all dog’s owners and most of you who read this, please do your bit for the betterment of our society.

Have a nice time pooing.


One response to “We have not abandoned our blog yet, and we have something to Share…

  1. Glad to hear from you but we would love to see some pictures of you, we have missed all of you!

    We don’t know when will Malaysians ever learn to pick up after us in all the public places. Wish they all could understand that keeping the place clean is not just the responsibility of a few but all of us!

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