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SOS -Cure for an Arthritic Dog

Below is an email sent to me by a friend whose dog suffer Arthritic. Should you able to provide any advice and recommendation, please drop us an email or reply here.
Dear doggie pals,
i hate 2 disturb all of u on a monday but…i hav 2 try my luck on Max’s stakes here.
Max, my labrador is suffering fm v severe Arthritis since last Thursday. He is paralysed now n very much in pain.
We’re now putting him on a course of 4 shots within d span of 20 days fm our trusted vet, Dr. Dhillon.
Now, we can only try 2 keep him comfy & hope dat d shots will do miracles.
We also went for 2nd opinion @ Gasing vet &…it’s v unlikely he’ll stand again & there’s no medication or shots dat can make him stand again.
Dear all, d reason 4 dis mail 2day is to find out whether any of u hav ever come across any drugs or shots dat will help his condition.
TQ in advance.
Max can’t stand even wit assistance. He looks like he has given up on tryin 2 get up. Thus, he pee/poo wer he’s lying now n he can’t/dun wanna control his bladder anymore.
We’re tryin 2 keep him as dry as possible cos as we all know dog’s urine r V V scotching.

I need 2 add dat Max is only 8.


Max has passed away on 20 March night.


We went to the park

We went to the park last weekend, the park is called 1U central park. We are not certain if this park is an official dog park but many doggie went there with their humans and many doggie competition, dog show & doggie training were held at that park. At far as we can sniff from the scent left on the tree, there is a doggie training class every Sunday morning.

We went there on Saturday morning to enjoy the nature and green grass and leave our peemail. Mum let Jessie and me off-leash but Cookie was tied with retractable leash.

We were greeted by our Maltese friends, Popeye & Livia and also their humans. They love this park as much as us and we run and sniff all over the park.

While we were in the midst of enjoying the fun, suddenly we were interrupted by a human uncle who jogged in the park. Out of sudden, that human uncle stopped near us and start yelled at mum. However, mum wasn’t listening because she was talking to Cookie at that moment. Due to this, he somehow yelled even louder.

Human Uncle: “…………………Do you understand me?? Did you hear me? Make sure your dogs won’t bite me, I am a Muslim!!!!!!………………………..”.

We were like 6 meter (or more) away from him and we were busy with our “own business” and did not even bother him at all. We don’t understand why that human uncle still upset with our existence in the park. He sound very angry that we doggie get to share the park with him. We do not understand also why he told us that he is a Muslim and he make it sound like we doggie like to bite muslim.

Mum were a bit unhappy and worried and she decided to leave the park. We were disappointed because we did nothing wrong and we not even try to approach him or bark but still we have to leave the park. Why we doggie are always not allowed in the park and even in the forest where we used to go for trekking. Why we doggie are not allowed to enjoy the nature in this country?

Anyway, we will beg mum to bring us to the park again. Perhaps, next time mum can explain to that human uncle that we doggie won’t simple harm anyone even if you shouted at us.

(please note: We are not particulary picking an arguement by writting this post. We are just sharing our experience and opinion.)

Woof woof…….

Pepper the princess

We have been blocked…

from updating our blog.





CooPerJess: Cookie Pepper Jessie

Greedy Thursday

Jessie: Mum, it smell delicious! Can I have some? “Drooling”

New Outfit

Mum’s sister in law bought us present all the way from China. ~Happy~

We put it on and showing off here. Hehehe.

Cookie: Mum said I am the most handsome Schnauzer after I put this on. *Wink*

Pepper: I am not Jelly’s Toy, I am the princess.

Jessie: Mum, your sis-in-law bought the wrong size. It is a bit tight around my waist line.

Mum: You are suppose to wear size 3 and my sis-in-law bought the correct size.

BUT, after the Chinese New Year, you have grown into size 4++!! Who to blame? The Yummy food?