Monthly Archives: August 2009

Cookie’s Bath Time!!

After days of being ignored by ladies (they said I was smelly), I asked Mummy and Daddy to give me a nice hot bath so that I can charm the ladies again *wink*

The Casanova in the making..
The Casanova in the making……
WOW! Who’s that handsome boy?!?!
Ohhh, It’s Me!! Cookie!! The Ladies’ Man…
Hubba, Hubba, Ladies….need some loving from the Casanova?
Check out my side profile! Oh so handsome!!
You want these lips ladies?? Come to Papa!
Check out my muscles!
Charming eyes….

Now now, ladies, time for some loving, come on over now…..*wink*;)

Jessie’s New Hair Cut

Hi All!! After Daddy’s stint in giving Pepper a new hair cut, Daddy also had something in mind for me. I wasn’t spared at all. Anyway, here are the before pictures where Daddy gave me a nice hot bath before the torment started.

Soon after, Daddy started doing his idea of making me into a mini lioness, with a mane and all. These pictures are taken during the midway of the process. He shaved my behind until nice nice :).

Right after that, he started on snipping away the fur on my head, and this is how I look like after 😛 cute no?

After a couple of hours of torment, I was finally released!!! hehe… check out the new ME!

Instead of being a mini lioness, Mummy thinks I look more like a baboon :(, but then I think I look like a Diva dressed in a Mink coat!! Sexy!!

Pepper’s Hair Cut

Hello boys, daddy gave me a hair cut this week. Oh don’t I look lovely, just like a Princess *Wink*Wink*

Thanks Daddy!! Now I look more like a Princess!! 🙂

Check out my shiny coat of vanity! hehe

Yes more beautiful pictures please!! *Tsk*Tsk*

Don’t get excited now boys…. *Wink*

Oh, these beautiful pictures of myself are too much!

Yikes, I look like a zombie dog! with the white eyes, urghh!

Ahhhh…, too much of vanity makes me sleepy, hehe, time for my beauty sleep.

However, parental advisory is required for the below pictures. Oh… so utterly heinous.

These are my pictures before the haircut, don’t I look scruffy? Not like a Princess at all, HMMPPHHHH!

These photos are so unflattering…. 😦 Dunno why daddy insists on putting them up!

What you looking at??!?!?!

Cookie : Who is that old haggard witch standing beside me? So scary…. #(

Stop taking photos already!!!

I just wanna hide myself….

OI!!! Enough already…. :`(

Dancing Dogs

Hello everyone, check out this video, our daddy and mummy are thinking of teaching us how to dance as well. Do we have any dog dancing club in Malaysia? We think it would be great fun if we had one, woof woof!

Cookie : I’ll be able to show my macho-ness and man-liness to all the pretty ladies out there. *Wink*

Pepper : Oh, I’ld be able to do waltz and tango and all the handsome boys will fall in love with me, The Princess. *Wink*Wink*

Jessie : Woof Woof! I’ll be able to do break dance and hip hop and show off my skills to everyone, Woof Woof!