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Kuala Kubu Baru, Kampung Pertak Outing

Story by Cookie Monsta…

We went to Kuala Kubu Baru, Kampung Pertak a few weeks ago. We had lotsa fun playing with other dogs (and territory marking for me!) except the swimming part where we were forced into the freezing waters of the river.

We departed early in the morning and went to fetch The-Lady-Owner’s friends. Then we went straight to the meet-up point, a petrol station. We reached there on time and The-Lady-Owner had to refill her empty petrol tank. While she was half way refilling, her friend who was supposed to wait for us — left. Luckily, The-Lady-Owner had the smartest gadget of the century, a mobile phone. The-Lady-Owner had to make a few calls before we managed to catch up with her friend.

The journey was taking abit longer than usual. We were very very impatient.

Why so long???…………..and I fell asleep.

We arrived at our destination around 10:15am. After we parked our car, we walked (and marked my new territory) about 5 minutes to reach our camp site (no camp though, but had lotsa food 🙂 wink wink!)

After the none-canine species put down their bags and food and had someone guarding the food, The-Lady-Owner nicely carried me and walked into the icy cold water. The water was really at freezing point!

Cookie:”WuuWuuuWuu…please let me go onshore, I hate water, I cannot swim, the water is freezing my balls (Oops, but true)……!!”
Pepper:”I want to get out of the water, PLEASE!!”
Pepper can Swim. but she did not enjoy the swim as well though, she was forced into the water too.

Poor me, took rescue on a small island, shivering and helpless. Sitting beside me was The-Lady-Owner’s slipper, one side only. Another one eaten by the water.

I was all drenched. I had to shake shake shake away the water. The-Lady-Owner laughed out loud when she saw me doing the shaky shaky.

From left: Cookie, The-Lady-Owner, Pepper
From left: D’Arcy the Dobermann, Blaze the Rottweiler and Golden Retriever (name unknown)
The-Lady-Owner loves this picture. Look at how D’Arcy run in the water!

Please meet Minnie the greedy Cocker Spaniel.

Misha, a pretty gal.

Champ the Toy Poodle is really fond of her. Misha is not my cup of tea. I prefer a glass of milk.


I prefer milk instead of tea.

See!! Everydog fighting to take refuge at this tiny stone island.

Ohhhh~~!! Pekingese also can swim ar? Of course! The Peke-s owner told me that his Peke-s are senior than Pepper & me. Therefore, I cannot fight territory with them. Oh ya, they speak Japanese by the way.

We had lotsa fun there. We did swimming, fighting, sniffing of backsides (this is how dog socialize), did humping (Oops~~!!), pee marking, wandering, barking and ate human food too. It was a real freedom for me as I was allowed offleash.

We left around 12:30pm.

Ciao! We will RETURN!



Cookie: The-Lady-Owner’s boss gave her a box of Godiva. The packaging looks “expensive”.
Pepper: It has got 15 pieces in the box.

Cookie: I thought it would smell something like the Garlic-Sausage or MilkBall, but it didn’t.

Pepper: Chocolates smell nothing.
Cookie: That “smell-less” chocolates did not do its “charm” of enticing us into begging for it.

Pepper: The-Lady-Owner were shocked by our “indifference” toward Chocolates.
Cookie: I heard that we, dogs are not suppose to consume chocolate.
Pepper: Yes. Sugar & Caffeine will do harm to our health.
Cookie: We shall do some study about harmfull food to us dogs.
Pepper: Ya, Maybe we should do some study about this topic. We will keep you posted when we find out what cause Chocolate to be poisonous to us dog.